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Raechel Parolisi

Raechel Parolisi

QDRO & Retirement Plan Consulting

For All Your QDRO Needs

Not Your Typical QDRO Attorney

What Raechel Parolisi Can Do for You

Retirement Plans and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders have a language all their own.  To best serve your clients you need a qualified ERISA Attorney who can help you navigate the world of retirement to ensure the best possible outcome.  Bringing in an experienced QDRO Attorney such as Raechel Parolisi at the beginning of negotiations and before the divorce is finalized will result in better outcomes for you and your clients as she can help you prevent money from being left on the table, inequitable awards and even unenforceable divisions.

Raechel Parolisi's background, experience and education provide her with a unique skillset and enables her to helps you locate retirement benefits, negotiate the terms most favorable to benefit your client, and draft enforceable language for the divorce decree and QDRO. Raechel Parolisi's services are also valuable in collaborative cases that need a neutral to moderate and educate all parties on the benefits and options available.  She offers personalized services to fit your needs and will work with you to improve your outcomes and avoid delays in your cases.


Highly Educated ERISA Attorney

  • LLM in Employee Benefits from The John Marshall Law School -     May 2018

  • Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from SMU - January 2012

  • Juris Doctor from SMU Dedman School of Law - July 2009

  • B.S from Tulane University - May 2000


Unique & Comprehensive Experience with Retirement Benefits

Ms. Parolisi's experience with retirement plans is extensive, comprehensive and began well before she attended law school. She has done it all; from calculating pension benefits by hand and administering plans, to reviewing QDROs, drafting plan documents and ensuring plans remain in compliance.  Ms. Parolisi has worked for law firms, major consulting firms and small TPAs.  Unlike most who offer QDRO drafting services, she has hands on experience with benefit calculations and actuarial factors in addition to her legal knowledge, that enable her to work with you from the beginning of your case if needed.

If you would like to learn more about how Raechel Parolisi's services will be beneficial to your practice, contact her for a free consultation.

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